This Ain't Your Momma's Print Shop...

OH WAIT it is!

1st Choice Graphics was founded by Marian Perrot and Jackie Mark in 1997 to fill the needs of local businesses in our area. In 2012 Amanda Perrot - Marian's daughter - purchased Jackie's portion of the business to create a mother/daughter ownership team. What began as a home-based business almost 25 years ago has grown substantially since then and in 2015 we moved our office and production facility to its current location just north of St. Brieux. We are proud to employ 10 team members and be an employer of choice in the area. Now, we provide a variety of products and services to a range of businesses in North Central Saskatchewan and beyond.

Our family values of hard work, good communication, and "if you're going to do it, you might as well do it well!" have served us and our customers for the last quarter century. We aim to be the first choice for other business owners when they need excellent visual mediums for their companies.

(This is Amanda. Marian is not a fan of getting her photo taken and doesn't apologize for it...but wow, can she create a business that serves our customers. Amanda is proud to continue the legacy.)